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TRIDENT Cover Final - Medium (632 x 960)
The 24 missiles carried by a TRIDENT ballistic missile submarine can obliterate an entire country, leaving behind a wasteland uninhabitable for 10,000 years. A single radio transmission stands in the way…

Israeli Intelligence confirms Iran will complete assembly of its first nuclear weapon within a month, and the Israeli Security Council decides the Iranian facility must be destroyed. But the Iranian weapon complex is buried deep underground and can be destroyed only by a nuclear strike. The political implications of using nuclear weapons against Iran are severe, so the Prime Minister authorizes a Mossad operation that results in launch orders being transmitted to a U.S. ballistic missile submarine. As USS Kentucky transits to within launch range, the Pacific Fleet is sortied to prevent the unthinkable. But will Kentucky be detected and sunk before the crew completes its mission, or will the ship's 24 nuclear tipped missiles unleash a holocaust of unprecedented proportion?


“Fans of submarine thrillers who are saddened by the demise of Tom Clancy will welcome Campbell’s debut.” — Publishers Weekly

“A terrific thriller debut. Campbell does an amazing job, balancing character interaction with high-octane action, all the while keeping the technical jargon to a level understandable by nonmilitary readers. This is the best novel about a submarine since Tom Clancy’s classic
The Hunt For Red October (1984).” — Booklist

“No one puts the reader inside a submarine like Rick Campbell does in
The Trident Deception. I couldn’t put it down. Compelling and thrilling, this novel is a must read.” — Jack Coughlin, New York Times bestselling author of Shooter and Time to Kill

The Trident Deception is a fistfight of a thriller. A masterpiece.” — Dalton Fury, former Delta Force, and New York Times bestselling author of Kill Bin Laden and Tier One Wild

Read the 1st three chapters:

The Trident Deception excerpt

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Empire Rising Final - Med Res
When the United States negotiates preferential access to the world's dwindling oil supply, straining to meet the needs of the industrialized and developing nations, a crisis erupts in the People's Republic of China. The Politburo decides that if China cannot peacefully obtain the resources their economy needs to thrive, they will obtain it by force. The only obstacle standing in their way is the United States Pacific Fleet. Fortunately, China has had twenty years to prepare and their military is finally up to the task.


“Campbell follows his promising debut, 2014’s The Trident Deception, with another riveting military action thriller... a must-read for fans of this genre.” — Publishers Weekly

"In Campbell’s thrilling follow-up to
The Trident Deception, the story rockets around the globe, and the pages cannot turn fast enough. The characters are just as intriguing as the shiny tech, and Campbell’s expertise in the navy adds a realistic feel to the proceedings. Readers who miss Clancy will be eager to devour Campbell.” Booklist

Barnes & Noble
selected Empire Rising as one of their Top-12 February 2015 Thrillers. You can read what Barnes & Noble had to say about Empire Rising below.

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Read the 1st two chapters:

Empire Rising excerpt

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The third book in the series

Ice Station Nautilus - Final (600x900)
When the newest American fast attack submarine and one of Russia’s new ballistic missile submarines collide and sink under the Arctic ice cap, a fateful chain of events is set into motion. As life support systems aboard the submarines begin to fail, the United States and Russia rush to the aid of their crews, adapting their submarine rescue systems for the descent through the polar ice cap into the frigid waters below. But far more is at stake than the lives of the men trapped aboard their submarines.

Both sides realize that whoever reaches the sunken ships first will be able to board the other country’s submarine, harvesting the latest weapon and tactical system technology. With the United States pulling ahead, Russia employs their Arctic Spetsnaz special forces to ensure they win the race and board the American submarine. As the guided missile submarine USS
Michigan and its two platoons of Navy SEALs surge beneath the polar ice cap toward the sunken submarines and the American and Russian ice camps above, the stage is set for an explosive confrontation.

Read the 1st three chapters / listen to an audiobook sample:

Ice Station Nautilus eBook excerpt

Ice Station Nautilus audiobook excerpt


"Exciting and intense! I realized when I finished that I'd been holding my breath for way too long. *inhale-exhale*!" — Booklikes

"Fans of Clancy-style techno-thrillers won’t be disappointed!"
— Open Letters Monthly

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The fourth book in the series

final cover BLACKMAIL 2017 0508 Med Res
A U.S. Navy aircraft carrier patrolling the Western Pacific Ocean is severely damaged by a surprise salvo of cruise missiles. While the Russian government officially apologizes, claiming it was the result of a fire control accident during a training exercise, it was instead a calculated provocation. The American president accepts Russia's explanation, and with the U.S. Pacific fleet already severely under strength following America's war with China, the Russian President decides that the American response is a clear indication of their weakness, militarily and politically, and initiates a bold plan.

Political unrest is spreading through the Eastern European states. The Russian Northern Fleet moves swiftly into the Mediterranean Sea, the Russian army is moving west to the border, and Russian Pacific and Black Sea Fleets are mobilized. In one bold strike, the Russian army reoccupies a large number of the industrialized areas of the former USSR, while blockading the vital sea passages through which the world’s oil and natural gas transit.

To make matters worse, Russia’s Special Forces have wired every major oil and natural gas pipeline with explosives. If the U.S. makes one move to thwart Russia, they’ll destroy them all. The U.S. is risking disaster if it acts, but the alternative is quite possibly worse. Torn between the unthinkable and the impossible, America's only possible move is ― launch an attack on all fronts, simultaneously.

Read the 1st three chapters / listen to an audiobook sample:

Blackmail eBook excerpt

Blackmail audiobook excerpt


"Top-15 Summer Thriller!" It's great to rub shoulders with Brad Thor, Daniel Silva, Ben Coes and Tom Clancy (even though he's dead). Check out the list at
— The Real Book Spy

"Boasting one of the most timely stories in the genre, Blackmail is one of the finest thrillers published in 2017. As the final ships are sunk and both sides in the war switch to their Plan B’s, one thing is for sure. It's only the beginning of what looks to be a sweeping bloodbath, and thriller novel tour de force."
— Goodreads

"In Campbell's enthralling fourth military action thriller... the submarine and surface-ship battles are pitch-perfect, and readers will shudder with every missile strike and exploding depth charge."
— Publishers Weekly

"The war maneuvers feel authentic and are described in stellar detail. Unlike Clancy, however, Campbell has a good feel for character development and firmly grounds the military machinations with a human presence, especially in the form of National Security Advisor Christine O’Connor, who is definitely not someone to mess with in a crisis." — Booklist

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The fifth book in the series

Treason Cover Med Res
A military coup in Russia leads to a swift invasion of former Soviet territories—while the U.S. has been rendered powerless to respond—in this classic military technothriller.

In Russia, the military is anxious to assert its military strength and regain its role as a superpower. The Russian President refuses to greenlight a bold plan to disable American strategic nuclear capability and retake the Ukraine and the Baltic States, fearing the potential consequences of involving nuclear weapons. But the generals won’t have it and at their first opportunity, they overthrow the president in a military coup. Then they use a narrow window to initiate their bold plan—the Zolotov option—which will render all of America’s B2 bombers and ballistic missiles useless. With the U.S. off the board, they swiftly invade the Ukraine with an overwhelming force, an invading Army that even NATO can’t hope to resist.

Now, it’s game on. Without their primary weapons, the U.S. has to find a way to fight back on multiple fronts. If they’re to have any chance, they’ll have to overcome the malware that has grounded their ballistic missiles and planes, as well as to secretly land a SEAL team help rescue the imprisoned Russian President, and help him retake control from the forces that are driving Europe into a continental war.

Read the 1st three chapters / listen to an audiobook sample:

Treason eBook excerpt

Treason audiobook excerpt

TREASON Reviews:

"While Larry Bond and David Poyer are still churning out top-notch stuff, nobody's doing it better than Rick Campbell. Treason is the must-read book of the year for military and technothriller enthusiasts." — The Real Book Spy

"Campbell has crafted a marvelous series that realistically portrays life in the military. The fifth installment, Treason, is a riveting military thriller!" — Booklist

"A gripping thriller! Military action fans will be well satisfied." — Publishers Weekly

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The sixth book in the series

Pasted Graphic
The U.S. Atlantic fleet is in a race to stop a rogue Russian submarine—funded by ISIS—en route to launch a missile attack against the east coast of the U.S. in Rick Campbell's Deep Strike.

A shoulder-launched missile attack on a convoy of vehicles leaving the U.N. headquarters in New York kills several diplomats, including the American ambassador. Security footage reveals that the killer behind the attack is a disgraced former special forces operative, Lonnie Mixell. But before U.S. intelligence operatives can catch up with him, Mixell is already onto the next phase of his plan.

With funding from the nearly shattered ISIS, Mixell plans an attack on the U.S. that will be more devastating than 9/11. He bribes a desperate Russian submarine commander with access to an expensive experimental drug for his daughter who is suffering from a rare disease. In exchange, the Russian commander will take his submarine to the Atlantic Ocean and launch a salvo of missiles at various targets along the East Coast of the United States. The commander lies to his crew that it's a secret mission, with dummy missiles, for a training exercise. At the same time, unbeknownst to the commander, Mixell has arranged for the missile warheads to be replaced with nuclear warheads and arms them.

When the Russian submarine sinks the U.S. sub that is tracking it, the U.S. military is alarmed. When Intelligence uncovers Mixell's plot, though, it becomes a race against time—find the Russian sub and sink it before it can launch a devastating nuclear attack.

Read the 1st two chapters / listen to an audiobook sample:

Deep Strike eBook excerpt

Deep Strike audiobook excerpt


"Wow, what a great story, thoroughly well written and entertaining! It’s full of great characters, with a plot I really enjoyed. I found myself reading faster and faster to find out what was going to happen. Brilliant!!" — NetGalley

"Rick Campbell writes the best military novels and his new one, Deep Strike, does not disappoint! — Red Carpet Crash

"Now my favorite book in the series! I loved the difference between Deep Strike and the other books; new characters are introduced and it has the best plot in the series! — Gadgetoholic

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The seventh book in the series (Releases in April 2024)

Bin Laden Plot_HC for Website

A U.S. destroyer is torpedoed by an Iranian submarine and Captain Murray Wilson of USS
Michigan is flown to the Pentagon to meet with the Secretary of the Navy (SecNav). There Wilson learns that the Iranian submarine is just a cover story. One of the United States' own fully automated unmanned underwater vehicles has gone rogue, its programing corrupted in some way. Murray is charged with hunting it down and taking it out before the virus that's infected its operating system can infect the rest of the fleet.

At the same time, the head of the SEAL detachment aboard USS Michigan is killed and Lonnie Mixell, a former U.S. operative, now assassin for hire, is responsible. And that is only the first SEAL to be hunted down and killed. Jake Harrison, fellow SEAL, discovers that these SEALs had one mission in common - they were all on the team that killed Bin Laden. Or so the world was told.

As Wilson discovers that his mission is actually meant to cover up dangerous acts of corruption, even treason, Harrison discovers that the assassin is out to protect the same forces. Forces too powerful for either of them to take on alone.


"This is the seventh novel in the series, and it’s another thrill ride from start to finish. Fans will be on the edge of their seats reading this one, with twists and turns, tragedy and a shocking ending." Red Carpet Crash

"In this fast-paced thriller, Campbell juggles a large canvas and a fun cast of characters that pivots between being trustworthy and untrustworthy. Fans of the previous novels will be thrilled and upset by what transpires, while newcomers will have enough details to enjoy. Readers expecting a novel with a Tom Clancy vibe will discover this is more of a Brad Thor-meets-Yellowstone experience. Campbell needs to hurry and write the next one!"
First Clue Reviews

“Submarine warfare, paramilitary operations, government conspiracies and back door deals benefiting only those with already deep pockets are all beautifully laid out and you won’t regret giving this one a shot.” Best Thriller Books

Read the 1st two chapters:

The Bin Laden Plot eBook excerpt

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